Witches Oak Water

Witches Oak Water is a large new wetland site which was created primarily as a water storage and water pumping facility in times of severe drought for Severn Trent Water. However as part of the design a strong wetland habitat creation theme was linked to it. The site now contains a range of habitats including 12 lakes, reedbed, wet and dry woodland, wet and dry grassland and hedgerow habitats.

Although still in its early stages the site is an important staging post for wildfowl and waders using the Trent Valley and offers winter refuge for occasional bitterns and smew as well as summer breeding habitat for reed and sedge warblers.

Witches Oak Waters Public Access

We understand that there is much work to do at Witches Oak Waters to create decent footpaths around the site.

There was an appeal for volunteers to join the staff to create these and if you would be interested in helping please contact vic.bevan58@gmail.com who is the site ranger of further information.

Document relating to Weston Extension of the gravel pits:

East Midlands Airport

SAVE is monitoring any noise problems arising from training and night flights from East Midlands Airport.

A useful website is East Midlands Airport’s WebTrak tool, which enables you to see air traffic information and the routings of flights in the vicinity of East Midlands Airport .

Using WebTrak you can replay the paths that aircraft followed as they approached and departed from East Midlands Airport , and also view the noise level in decibels for several noise-monitoring locations, one of which is in Weston on Trent.

No. 73 Bus Service Under Threat

No73Derbyshire County Council need to withdraw subsidies from certain bus routes from 2017 due to austerity.

One of those being considered for withdrawal is the 7am service of the No.73 to Aston and Weston.

If they withdraw subsidy from the 73 then Notts Derby buses are unlikely to continue as it is not profitable.  It is the only way some people get to work/college on time.

If they withdraw this service it is quite likely it will spread to other services through the day in the future.

The consultation is now closed but you can still write to:

Steve Cannon
Economy, Transport and Communities,
Derbyshire County Council,
County Hall,
01629 538148

Richborough Estates

Click to view details on Richborough Estates website.

Richborough Estates are promoting a 4.12 hectare site for residential development at the southern edge of Aston on Trent. Proposals include affordable dwellings, public open space and new planting. Further details of our proposals can be viewed below.

Planning permission has been applied for on this site.  This can be viewed on SDDC website here.

The consultation end date is 4th July 2016, so any objections must be sent in by then.

The council’s target date for a decision is 6th September.

What should I do?
It is vital that as many residents of Weston & Aston as possible should write or e-mail to oppose this development. Objections should cover two main points:
1. The site identified as S0062 should not be included as a suitable housing site in Part 2 of the South Derbyshire Local Plan.
2. Any planning application by Richborough Estates for development of the site should be rejected.

Advice on where to send objections and what to write

Aston Parish Council response to Richborough

Weston Parish Council response to Richborough

Remember that all objection letters should be individually written using your own words.  This is because any kind of duplication will be counted as only one objection – eg if a template letter was sent by 1000 people, it would still only count as 1 objection received.

Advice on how to respond:



Housing Developments

Here you can find information about proposed housing development in and around Aston and Weston – and download maps of the proposed sites.

You could also join the Aston/Weston Proposed Developments Facebook Group

Information about the proposed sites can be found at:



South Derbyshire Local Plan Part 1
Part 1 was adopted on 13th June 2016 and contains key development management policies (policies used in the determination of planning applications) and allocates strategic housing sites (sites over 100 dwellings) and employment sites.

South Derbyshire local plan part 2
This plan is currently in the consultation phase and is expected to be completed in summer 2017. This should be taken as a guide of thinking of our local planning authority with regard the need for new developments in our area.
Appendix A shows the village settlement boundaries both current and proposed
Appendix B shows the proposed development locations.