Moor Lane Proposed Development – Useful Links

Following the public meeting and taking into account all of the points raised we have compiled a list of reasons to object to this development.
As we explained, SAVE are not for this proposed development. For objections to be effective there have to be legal planning reasons for this development to be rejected. On that basis, SAVE will put forward your views and concerns and hopefully work with the council and the developers to achieve the best outcome for all. SAVE successfully achieved better outcomes for the village when the Willow Park Way estate was built in 1997/98.  However, we do need you to play your part with as many people as possible writing their own letter, in their own words, or submitting their comments via the planning application page on the internet.

Planning permission applied for Moor Lane

0171_004_Layout AnalysisProvidence Land Ltd have submitted an outline planning application to build 42 houses on a field on Moor Lane.  This is now our key opportunity as residents and supporters of the villages to express our views to the planning authority.  Please show your support by writing or emailing your views to the South Derbyshire District Planning Authority.

You must ensure you use your own words (remember it doesn’t need to be formal or legal speak, just your views in your words). Please also ensure you stick to the relevant facts related to planning.

Contact details are in the link below and more guidance and background information can be found using the link below.


The council’s target date for a decision is 1st December.

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