Public Meeting – Thank you

A huge thank you to the 108 people who came out to the Public Meeting to discuss the Gladman Land Planning Application 9/2017/0095.

There were representatives from both Aston Parish Council and Weston Parish Council as well as District Councillors and our County Councillor. This shows the depth of feeling and support that this latest development has evoked.

We need to keep up the momentum of tonight and when you get home in the coming days, please go out and speak to other members of your family.

Encourage them to get involved and send their own letter of objection in.

But please please make sure it is distinctly individual, otherwise it will not count and will be clumped together and only count as one objection.

Objection Letters

Ensure that you take note of the DO NOT list of items that we have listed on the green flier that was delivered in the last week, as it may make your letter of objection invalid.

Speak to your neighbours who live either side of you.  Doing that you have instantly tripled the number or even quadrupled the number of people who can send their objections in.

If we get a huge response, it will take the SDDC planning Department longer to read and consider each letter or email.

This will work in our favour as it will delay the planning application being considered at committee. They legally have to give each letter the same consideration.

If it is sufficiently delayed, we may manage to have the planning application meeting that makes a decision one way or the other, after Local Plan Part 2 has been adopted. This will help our case.

Once Local Plan Part 2 has been adopted then the criteria and decision making process will be different from the current situation.

It is Local Plan Part 2 that is relevant to any decision making process regarding the villages of Aston and Weston.

SAVE Updates

Watch out for further updates on line both here and also on the website and posters around the village.

Please please complete a membership form if you haven’t already , as this gives us permission to keep you informed for the next 2 years. We need your permission to keep in touch. This gives it to us

You can download a form from the SAVE website.

Return it completed with your £2 biennial subscription to 7 Valerie Road, Aston on Trent go be added onto our members data base.

For those who are not computer literate, why not download a copy and pass it on to them?

Alternatively there will be paper copies for people to collect in the coming days at the Doctors Surgery, the Post Office & the Village Shop.

United we stand – we have done it once with Richborough and WE CAN DO IT AGAIN with Gladman Land!


Planning Permission Applied For Weston Road

The planning application for Gladman Land to build 150 houses on Weston Road was submitted on 13th February 2017.

You can view it on the Southern Derbyshire County Council website

Please take a look and get ready to send in your objections. Save will be organising a public meeting date to be confirmed and sending out a leaflet with your reasons to object in the next few days.

Please support us we cannot allow any more building in our villages.

Objections need to be submitted by 10th March 2017

Planning Application Reference Number 9/2017/0095