Gypsy site application REJECTED

Planning Application 9/2017/0893/NU

The change of use of agricultural land for use as residential caravan site for 6 gypsy families on Shardlow Road


The campaign, orchestrated by SAVE, to get as many objectors to the Planning Meeting was extremely successful, with more than 155 residents making the trip to Swadlincote. Unfortunately, although SAVE had checked with the Council less than a week earlier, that everyone who turned up would be accommodated into the public meeting, this proved not to be the case on the night! Only 44 gained entry into the Chamber, meaning that the majority were ‘locked out’.

SAVE would like to apologise to those majority, but their effort was not in vain. On trying to navigate the large crowd inside and outside, it was clearly evident to the Councillors, the depth of feeling and resentment there was against this application.

SAVE would especially like to thank everyone who helped put posters up, delivered leaflets, sent in objection letters, researched possible reasons for objection and made the effort to go to Swadlincote. All of this team effort helped us to win, essential in case we need to repeat if there is an appeal.

SAVE never believed it was a ‘done deal’

Over the last three years, SAVE have been on the front line, in helping to protect the heritage of our wonderful villages. We have been instrumental in getting the rejection of two large housing applications – Richborough 85 houses & Gladman 150 houses, notwithstanding our efforts with other issues within our villages. However, we need help in order to be able to carry on our good work.

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