Planning Application For Gypsy Site

A planning application has been submitted proposing change of use of agricultural land to a permanent residential caravan site for 6 Gypsy families with amenity blocks on Shardlow Road, Aston on Trent.

Application Reference 9/2017/0893 on SDDC website

As the overwhelming consensus from local residents is to object to this application, we have detailed below a few pointers to assist you with your objection letters. Having consulted with South Derbyshire District Council Planning Dept. anyone wishing to object to the above application should focus their comments around Policy H22 and BNE4 of the local plan part 1.  We would advise you to read section H22 as you will find areas to object to.

Other useful documents are the government’s Planning Policy for traveller sites to be found at:

Criteria used for previous objections, against local planned developments during the last 18 months, are still valid for this application.

Eg. Outside settlement boundary / loss of best and most versatile land / effects on schools & doctors / road safety issues / their application says there is a footpath outside the site – there isn’t and as far as we know Derbyshire County Council have no plans to complete the path from Aston to Shardlow. There is also no specific allocation for any development in this area, within the local plan. It may be useful to look at the refusal notices for previously rejected applications in the village,

For your objection to be accepted and recorded, it is critical that each letter is individually created. SAVE can give you advice and pointers, but we cannot create a generic letter for you to send. Nonetheless, a short focused individual letter is much better than no letter at all.

We should remind you, that the only objections that will be taken into consideration by Planning are those that solely focus on planning criteria. You should therefore not include any emotive comments as these bear no substance and will be discarded.

Likewise, objections on the grounds of culture or race, will definitely be discarded and may constitute breach of law.


Email quoting the reference: 9/2017/0893

Or fill in the comments section on the appropriate SDDC planning application page

Or write to: Planning Department, South Derbyshire District Council, Council Offices, Civic Way, Swadlincote. DE11 OAH quoting reference 9/2017/0893

Send copies to:

 Councillor Peter Watson
 Councillor Hilary Coyle
Councillor Neil Atkin
 Heather Wheeler MP
 Natasha Hyde (Clerk Aston Parish Council)

Planning decision notices to previous applications

For ideas on the reasons why planning applications are refused.