EMA Noise Action Plan – Deadline: Midnight 31st July 2023

Please help protect our rural environment and your health and wellbeing by participating in EMA’s Noise Action Plan (NAP) consultation before it closes on 31st  July. 

There’s a useful video, on our previous post or you can read all 105 pages yourself at: https://www.eastmidlandsairport.com/community/local-environmental-impacts/noise/noise-action-plan/

To comment:

SAVE’s View
SAVE welcomes the airport’s continuing readiness to consult our communities on their plans. But the NAP does not do enough to safeguard the peace and wellbeing of residents. Points you could raise in your response:

  • Airport expansion should be linked to a demonstrated reduction in aircraft noise.
  • The NAP should show a clear plan for noise reduction over the 5 year plan period.
  • The plan should include targets for introduction of quieter aircraft and phasing out of older, noisier aircraft.
  • Restrictions on training flights are welcome but need to be closely monitored.

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Read SAVE’s response to the EMA Noise Action Plan Consultation here: SAVE Response to the EMA Draft NAP 2024-2028

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