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Parish Council Clerks

Aston on Trent Parish Council Clerk
Fiona Stanbrook Tel 01332 792046

Weston on Trent Parish Council Clerk
Chris Scott Tel 01332 792683

Please be mindful at what time you contact them as they do have family commitments. Monday – Friday office hours would be best.

East Midlands Airport

SAVE is monitoring any noise problems arising from training and night flights from East Midlands Airport.

A useful website is East Midlands Airport’s WebTrak tool, which enables you to see air traffic information and the routings of flights in the vicinity of East Midlands Airport .

Using WebTrak you can replay the paths that aircraft followed as they approached and departed from East Midlands Airport , and also view the noise level in decibels for several noise-monitoring locations, one of which is in Weston on Trent.