Gladman Application Key Objection Reasons

SAVE will be raising an objection to the new planning application by Gladman Land for 150 houses on Weston Road.

We offer below some of our key basic reasons.

This development of 150 houses is outside the settlement boundary of the village.

A key factor of the proposal is that the village has sustainable transport links, in particular a bus service to Derby. This is not correct. There is in fact no service on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday and just 6 buses Monday to Friday. We therefore believe that Aston should now be a ‘Local Service Village’ as is Weston.

Phase 3 of Richmond Retirement Village is starting now, producing another 37 new care apartments. Notwithstanding that, Moor Lane development is well under way and will soon be populated. The traffic congestion along Weston Road and at Cuttle Bridge is becoming quite onerous. Drivers are becoming very frustrated and there is a serious accident waiting to happen.

Also very frustrating are the efforts at trying to get a GP appointment, also an indication that the infrastructure of our villages is creaking.

The village school is already at capacity, with some children in the village already having to attend schools in neighboring villages. Sustainability is a quickly approaching massive problem for our villages without another 150 houses!

This site has been declared unsuitable in Local Plan 2
It would close the gap between the two villages thus destroying the character and heritage of each village. Each village has a different character and style and it is essential that they are kept different by effectively not losing their independence. This is a critical point and should be emphasised.

Five year housing supply
SDDC have stated that they have a deliverable 5 year housing supply. Thus there is no need for this.

Best and Most Versatile Agricultural Land
The loss of what is considered by SDDC to be very good quality agricultural land we object most strongly to, when there are others areas of much poorer agricultural quality.

Although the site is not in a flood risk area, this is true from the aspect of river or sea, but it is not correct from the aspect of surface water. The site has the potential for groundwater flooding of property, below or at the surface.

Email quoting the reference: 9/2019/0646
Or fill in the comments section on the appropriate SDDC planning application page
Or write to: Planning Department, South Derbyshire District Council, Council Offices, Civic Way, Swadlincote, DE11 0AH quoting reference 9/2019/0646

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