Planning Application 9/2019/0381 104 Derby Road

APPLICATION NO 9/2019/0381

SAVE was formed to protect the built and natural environment within our two villages. We do this objectively and to the best of our abilities. We do not oppose every planning application; however when we feel it is the correct course of action, we try and give advice and possible reasons that may be used for an objection. It is therefore important, that you visit the SDDC Planning portal and review the documentation yourselves, in order to reach your own decision. Please remember that for an objection letter to be validated, it must be written in your own words, non-emotive and based on reasonable concerns.

Access the application at

Any comments or objections must reach SDDC by 8TH JULY 2019
SAVE will be raising an objection to this application and we offer below a few of our basic key reasons.

This development of 25 houses is outside the settlement boundary of the village and would therefore struggle to gain planning approval. However, being classified as a ‘Key Service Village’ means that the development could be classified as a cross-subsidy site, thus giving an exception to this rule and a possible planning approval.
A key factor of the proposal is that the village has sustainable transport links, in particular a bus service to Derby. This is not correct. There is in fact no service on a Saturday or Sunday and just 7 buses Monday to Friday. We therefore believe we are now actually a ‘Local Service Village’, with a cross subsidy exception of only 15 houses.

In the near future, phase 3 of Richmond Retirement Village producing another 37 new care apartments will be built. Notwithstanding that, Moor Lane development is well under way and will soon be populated. The traffic congestion along Weston Road and at Cuttle Bridge, the frustrating efforts at trying to get a GP appointment is a sign that the infrastructure of our villages is creaking. Sustainability is a quickly approaching problem.
The application references that the site is not in flood risk area. Whereas this is true from the aspect of river or sea, it is not correct from the aspect of surface water. The paper shows that the majority of the site has the potential for groundwater flooding of property, below or at the surface.
Access to the development
The design seems totally inadequate, having such a narrow access to 25 houses. Having reviewed the drawings we perceive there to be no room left for standard street lighting. Of equal concern is that the design takes into account little consideration for the householder, who will have to suffer the close proximity of the access route.
Best & most versatile land
The development will be built on quality farming land. Although not a large area, it would still be contrary to the Local Plan and therefore unacceptable. We must make every effort to stop this constant ‘nibbling away’ of our quality farming land, just as we must prevent the ‘nibbling away’ of our village sustainability. At some point the cup overflows.
Affordable housing
Much is made of the fact that the design, at present, includes a significant amount of affordable housing – a requirement for possible planning approval. However, we already have affordable housing at the Redrow development and soon to be built at Moor Lane as well. SAVE has sympathy that affordable housing is vitally important for every community, but we believe that Aston now has sufficient capacity that it is able to sustain.

We have a stand at Well-Dressing should you want to come and talk to us about this.

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