Unprecedented Changes Planned for Our Villages in the Coming Months

A number of developments have come to light that threaten the environment and character of our two villages. Large-scale industrial developments are planned along the A50 corridor, new roads that will bound Aston and Weston on all sides and housing developments that could lead to 800 new houses being built around us.

The developments shown pose a threat to our environment, farming and heritage – altering the character of the two villages permanently with poorer air quality, more congestion and more noise.

What can you do to help?…

We need help to face the challenges shown on the map and affect the proposals so that the impact on our villages is minimised.

In order to rise to the challenges that are coming our way, we need people with a passion for the local area and who can offer a little time to work together and make a difference. There are no prior skills required, just a willingness to assist and some tenacity! If anyone has a background in planning (especially the legal side) and environmental legislation it would be very useful.

Also, if you’re a member of SAVE, or have been over the years, and aren’t connected with us at the moment, now is a great time to get involved!

The SAVE AGM is on Thursday 27th April at 19:30 in Aston Memorial Hall and everyone is welcome. If you feel you could make a difference and want to join us, please visit:

Our Join SAVE page

Our Facebook page

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